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Video seminar
Information Technologies in Museums:
Dialog of Cultures

Program Organizer (Institution):
St. Petersburg State University -Regional GDLN Center in St. Petersburg

Target Countries:
Russia, Macedonia, Ukraine, China, Great Britain, Italy, USA

Target Audience:
all types of museum managers and representatives of government, educators, private sector, and civil society

Language(s): Russian, English

Preferred Dates: September 2006 - April 2007 : fund rising and the course creation;
May - June 2007 : the course delivering

Overall Program Description and Program Objectives:

Information technologies are very important part of modern museum activities.
The program is designed to convey the modern approaches to museum promotion, exhibition and management. It is obvious that, Russian museums have outstanding cultural and historical treasure the same as abundant knowledge and skills in information sciences field. In frame of this program we will discuss opportunities, issues and risks use of information technologies in museum with colleagues from West and East.

The program is designed for a total of 20 hours, consisting of 5 modules as explained in the following section. The lectures, accompanied by PowerPoint presentations, video clips and PDF document files, will be delivered through the multimedia classroom of Saint-Petersburg State University Regional Saint-Petersburg GDLN Center and can be attended via the multimedia tools. This way, by proper announcements to the SMEs worldwide, the course can reach to a very large audience in a relatively short time. Those SMEs within the vicinity of video-conferencing facilitated classrooms at the GDLN Participant countries can attend the lectures in an interactive manner.

Modules Outline

MODULE 1: Basic concepts of the Seminar and Presentation of the seminar Participants
MODULES 2-4: Information Technologies is in Museums of West and East Countries
MODULE 5: The Seminar Conclusion


Coordinator :
Gayevskaya Elena

Training Coordinator of GDLN Cent Petersburg
Mail Address:10 liniya V.O., build 49, St Petersburg, Russia, 199178
Tel. +7(812)328-0916,
Fax. +7(812)323-7175
Saint-Petersburg State University  
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